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Uxmalmoto is a fairly large Nuevo Mayan Ziggurat City that prowls the remains of the South American grounds. It has grown into great trading hub within the continent, with a multitude of air traders and raft cities having ties to the traction city.


Nuevo Uxmal was built on the barren ruins of the north Brazilian coast in the aftermath of the Sixty Minute War. It was named in honour of an ancient city that had been destroyed by the Slow Bombs that ravaged Central America. Nuevo Uxmal was a relatively peaceful settlement that slowly expanded over the millenia, forming a small agricultural collective thst had trading agreements with other small towns. For many centuries this system thrived, as the world progressed around them and tales of distant wars ocassionally reached the ears populace, as sea vessels and airships ventured to Nuevo Uxmal from the furthest reaches of the globe. However, the dawn of the Traction Era would lead to massive upheaval of the trade systems they once had in place.

Stories of a moving city, known as London, were the first indication that the world was changing once more. The leaders of Nuevo Uxmal were unphased by such wild rumours, and keen to dismiss them at first. For years Nuevo Uxmal remained a static settlment, trading with the other municipalities of the world, yet it was noticed that their trade partners were beginning to dwindle. News of the "Traction Cities" grew more and more, and claims that Nuevo Maya was now home to a few rattled the Mayor of the city.

He decided that their best chance of continued prosperity lay in following this trend and constructing their own mobile city. Aviators were sent to spy on the new Ziggurat Cities that had sprung up in the plains of Nuevo Maya and take note of their construction. The Mayor decreed that Nuevo Uxmal would move in order to survive in this new world order. The resources of the entire city were poured into constructing gargantuan catapiller tracks, on which mighty tiers of stone and steel were to be placed.









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